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One spin three days

Did you know that one spin of an offshore wind turbine (which takes about 6 seconds) can power a UK home for over three days?

Yep. One spin, three days. Pretty impressive right?
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13MW turbines are now generating electricity at
Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm. It's the first time turbines this powerful have been installed anywhere in the world.

Currently in construction off the North East Coast of England, Dogger Bank will be the biggest offshore wind farm in the world when complete in 2026.

Covering an area larger than the size of Greater London, it will generate enough electricity to power 6 million homes with its 277 turbines (debuting both the 13MW and 14MW Haliade-X model from GE).

Don't believe me? 

Here's the back of the (recycled) envelope calculation... 

NB figures are for UK homes and are theoretical, assuming the turbine is operating at full power.

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