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Hi. I'm Jules.


OG windfluencer.

I've worked in the energy industry for all my career - and I am forever impressed at the innovation and progress the industry has made.

I won't stop talking about it - just ask my friends.

In 2020, to help me navigate the boredom of the Covid-19 lockdown I created Killah Jules - with a mission to find creative and fun ways to engage the public with energy. 

From videos, to jewellery - to dressing up as a walking, talking turbine I'm driven to find ways to get people talking and learning about what goes on to generate our power.

My background

As a kid I was really into maths, and went on to study engineering at university where I gained a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering.


When I finished, I wanted to work in a field where I could make a difference against climate change, and I knew energy was going to be key to this so I joined an international energy company's graduate scheme as an energy analyst. As part of this I did a six month placement in media relations - a profession I never intended to stay in - but really loved it!


And I have been lucky enough to work in communications ever since, at a nuclear power station, for offshore wind developers and now covering the whole energy industry.

I've had some amazing experiences; staying 120km out to sea at the world's biggest offshore wind farm - and having the opportunity to climb to the top of one of the world's biggest wind turbines, seeing the world's first floating wind farm and standing on top of a nuclear reactor with reactions at 650 degrees centigrade happening right underneath my feet.

hornsea 1.jpeg

My day job is currently Director of Strategic Communications for the UK's trade association for energy, Energy UK.


We cover the breadth of the system representing over 100 companies from those that sell you energy, to those that generate it from wind, solar and nuclear, as well as flexibility providers, consultancies, investors and more - to politicians, media and the public. 

It's a super interesting role - especially for someone like me that loves learning about energy - and I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to see the industry from this central perspective. 

But - I must stress Killah Jules and any content on this website is not affiliated with Energy UK in any way; all views, songs, products etc are my own. 

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