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The walking, talking turbine... 

WTF it's a WTG!

Meet the world's first walking, talking - but most importantly - knowledgable and friendly - wind turbine.

The walking talking turbine made its debut at End of the Road festival in 2021, and the response was immense. 

People were genuinely interested, asking lots of questions first about wind turbines but then about the wider energy system. 


The mission was to spread the fact that one spin of a turbine could power a UK home for over 2 days and ....

it worked!

Not only did people remember the stat if I came across them again (and shamefully tested them) person came up to me, to tell ME the fact – as their friend had met me the day before, and gone back to tell their friends. 

If we really want to reach and inspire people, we're going to have to start thinking about it creatively. 

If you're interested in booking the walking, talking turbine for your event, please get in touch. Speaking opportunities welcomed, as well as festivals, corporate events, conferences and asset openings. 

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