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If you're looking to stay on top of a turbine, sorry -

it was an...

April fools!

The industry's safety standards probably means that something like this won't be possible.

(Also - space is pretty tight up there, and many models still don't even have proper toilets!) 

But, while you're here - take a look around.

You might not be able to sleep on the top of a wind turbine, but if you love them that much you can purchase some Killah Jewels earrings, necklace or cufflinks here. 


And if you do want to learn more about energy, but in a musical format, check out Killah Jules music which uses cover tracks from Destiny's Child to Craig David to educate around floating offshore wind to the Review of the Electricity Market Arrangements (RE-E-MA)...

Thanks for visiting and please don't ruin the joke for others ;) 


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